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First Capital Credit Analysis Report

For over 06 years, First Capital Research have been serving clients across various industries with the best-in-class fixed income and equity research, souring actionable insights for better decision making.

The First Capital Credit Analysis Report features the ranking of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) based on an in-house built credit score system followed by continuous monitoring and WhatsApp alerts/notifications.

The subscription includes,

  • 4 Quarterly volumes of the First Capital Credit Analysis Report
  • Detailed latest ranking based on credit scores and multiple other criteria
  • WhatsApp alerts/notification on important news on NBFIs
  • Highlights of major changes to NBFI credit scores and reasoning

The key features include,

  • Identification of Licensed Finance Companies in need of raising capital.
  • Identification of best performing Licensed Finance Companies.
  • Ranking of Listed Licensed Finance Companies based on credit rating, assets, parent strength, listing requirement and performance ratios.
  • Calculated set of Ratios for Licensed Finance Companies

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How First Capital ensured a fast turnaround amidst COVID-19

The Company is seeing an encouraging turnaround, largely driven by a relentless commitment to its clients and consistently delivering market-beating returns

Mahesh Amarasinghe – Assistant General Manager – Debt Structuring & Placement. 

First Capital Holdings with over 35 years of expertise operating in the capital market of Sri Lanka has investment solutions for everyone; from retail mutual funds for ordinary folk to structured corporate, sovereign debt instruments and equity trading for sophisticated investors with larger appetites. The prolonged lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the economy to a standstill and eroded investor sentiment to new lows. First Capital, however, is already seeing an encouraging turnaround, largely due to two reasons: a relentless commitment to its clients and sharp investment decisions that consistently yield market-beating returns.

A senior executive at First Capital Mahesh Amarasinghe – Assistant General Manager – Debt Structuring & Placement, managing a portfolio that serves the interest of both the investors and the issuing corporates, discuss the efforts that lead to success. For instance, by deploying technology, processes were quickly in place to ensure staff across the group were fully operational during the lockdown executing complex transactions and providing corporate clients finance advisory services to tide the cashflow crunch. A new online platform was introduced which helped clients monitor their portfolios and carry out transactions. 

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Investment instructions with a click – introducing the First Capital Online Portal

We are enhancing our client service offering through the introduction of the First Capital Online Portal.

The portal gives our clients the flexibility and convenience of accessing account information and providing investment related instructions with a simple click.

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Women in Business – with Head of HR Wasanthi Stephen


Q: How has First Capital addressed the loss of women employees at mid-career in Sri Lanka?

A: At First Capital, new parents – mothers specifically, now have the benefit of taking more paid time off than at any other in the investment industry.
Employees of the organization are offered the benefit of extending their paid maternity from the 15-weeks prescribed by the Shop and Office Act to 24 weeks, while fathers can take up to two weeks. Additionally, mothers are given the allowance of a two-hour feeding break in-line with Sri Lankan standards.
This is a huge step considering First Capital’s employees consists of a staff ratio of 43% Female to 57% Male. We have certain departments which are solely managed by female employees and our Management Committee consists of 35% of female representation.
In an industry that is fast paced such as the capital market, the decision to give additional time off for new parents tries to address many issues including but not limited to work-life balance and the lack of female representation at the top levels.
The beginning of 2019 saw three members of our management committee take maternity leave simultaneously, but through careful planning, flexibility and accessibility offered to them, they were able to take the additional leave while still ensuring business continuity.
This is what we aspire to be at First Capital, setting industry standards in all that we do, not limited to our role as investment institution operating in Sri Lanka, but in the fields such as Human Resource Management as well. In the last few years we have adopted several initiatives that are aimed at encouraging work-life-balance. These are policies and procedures that are inspired by our dynamic Board of Directors and are driven through the whole organization.
For example, in addition to the parental leave policies, the company practices several other initiatives that encourage a more comfortable and inclusive work culture. One such procedure is the ‘dress down’ policy introduced to the company – which enables staff members to work in smart casual attire which is an unusual move in the Sri Lankan Banking and Finance Industry.
First Capital also observes flexible work hours, as well as the possibility of working from home when required. We also have health and wellbeing programmes, leisure activities to encourage collaboration at all levels and by conducting periodic surveys to understand different aspects of the company we make the necessary changes needed to ensure its continuous improvement. These are only a few of the practices that make life at First Capital employee centric and assure women can continue to grow professionally to their full potential.

Q: Do you believe that women are being supported to maximise their potential?

A: I think we are on the right path. It is encouraging to see companies such as ours introducing flexible working hours, work from home facilities, part time job opportunities as well. It’s nice to see that some employers now provide daycare facilities within the organization.

Specially in a Sri Lankan context, the expectations that are placed on working mothers adds a lot of pressure with the multiple responsibilities that they shoulder. Through the introduction of a dynamic working culture that facilitates flexibility and work-life balance, First Capital aspires to gives all our employees the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We have many activities throughout the year where we engage with employees as well as with their families. We also have “kids at work day” where parents can bring their kids to work and let them enjoy many activities that are organized specially for them, whilst experiencing the office environment and being a part of their parents work day.

Q: How crucial is it for women to assert themselves as valuable members of the business world?

The stereotypical odds that are stacked up against women are that we negotiate poorly, lack confidence, are too risk-averse, or don’t put in the requisite hours at work due commitment they have in a family environment. Then again women are identified as more caring, cooperative, or mission driven. But whether framed as a barrier or a benefit, these beliefs hold women back.

The solution is to fix the conditions that undermine women and reinforce gender stereotypes. Therefore, unless and until corporations make a conscious effort to level the playing field, and until there is a shift in thinking there will always be a preference for one gender over the other.

Q: What is your vision for businesswomen in Sri Lanka?

A: To achieve a just and equal status in all levels and areas of society where decisions are taken in true partnership with men – based on mutual respect – for a more balanced and peaceful livelihood.

Overwhelming response to Investment Strategy 2020

Over 350 participants representing the investment community attended the Investment Strategy 2020 – 2nd Research Conference  organized by First Capital Holdings PLC;  held on Tuesday (18th Feb) at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

The event was organized to launch the report Strategy 2020  – “Fiscal loosening weakens 2H2020 outlook” providing Sri Lankan investors with an overview of First Capital Research expectations on the economic front mainly on interest rates, AWPLR, exchange rate, bond expectations, GDP forecast etc.

“Go short on fixed income, go long on equities”  was the key message on the report presented by Dimantha Mathew – Head of Research.

The presentation was followed by  the Banking Sector Report – “Breathing space for banks” presented by  Assistant Manager – Research – Atchuthan Srirangan   and  Senior Research Analyst – Hiruni Perera.


The event concluded with a panel discussion, featuring eminent industry experts including, Deshal de Mel – Research Director – Verité Research, Dilshan Rodrigo – Chief Operating Officer – Hatton National Bank PLC, Nandika Buddhipala – Chief Financial Officer – Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, Dimantha Mathew – Head of Research and Dilshan Wirasekara – Director/ Chief Executive Officer as moderator.

Clients of First Capital can access both reports by logging into our Research Page .  For further information please email us on



Investment Strategy 2020 – 2nd Research Conference

First Capital Holdings PLC has organized a programme titled “Investment Strategy 2020 – 2nd Research Conference” to be held on Tuesday 18th February 2020, at the Oak Room, Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo.

The event is geared to provide 250 participants of the investment community, an overview of our expectations on the economic front mainly on interest rates, AWPLR, exchange rate, bond expectations, GDP forecast etc. alongside a presentation on the Banking Sector followed by a panel discussion.

Email : for registrations


First Capital Treasuries announces LKR 750Mn Debenture Issue

First Capital Treasuries PLC the Primary Dealer arm and a subsidiary of First Capital Holdings PLC (the Group), has announced that it intends to issue Listed, Rated, Subordinated, Unsecured, Redeemable Debentures with a principal value of LKR 750Mn maturing in five years with the following Interest payment options payable semi-annually; Type A – 12.75% p.a. (AER of 13.16% p.a.) and Type B – Weekly AWPLR + 2.00% p.a. The Issue will open on Monday 27th January 2020.
First Capital Treasuries is the first standalone Primary Dealer licensed and appointed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to deal exclusively in Government Securities. The Company currently stands at a commanding position as the leading standalone Primary Dealer, having a capital base in excess of LKR 3Bn. First Capital Treasuries PLC is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange and bears an issuer rating of [SL] A- (Stable) by ICRA Lanka Ltd.
The debenture issue is managed jointly by the Corporate Finance Division of First Capital Limited and People’s Bank Investment Banking Unit, while Hatton National Bank PLC will act as Trustee to the Issue. Priced at a face value of 100 each and listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange, the debenture issue is rated [SL] BBB+ (Stable) by ICRA Lanka Ltd.
Chief Dealer, First Capital Treasuries PLC, Anjelo Simmons said the Company plans to utilize the funds raised through the debenture issue to achieve the following objectives;

  • Enhancing the Tier II Capital and increase Capital adequacy position in order to abide by the regulations as directed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
  • Part of the proceeds of the Debenture Issue will be utilized to finance the five year Listed, Rated, Subordinated, Unsecured, Redeemable Debentures of LKR 500Mn maturing on 6th February 2020.
  • Enhance the long-term funding base of the Company by way of enabling the Company to reduce its maturity mismatch by securing long term funding which will allow the company to grow its core business.
    First Capital Treasuries PLC reported profits after tax of LKR 671Mn over the first half of financial year 2019/20. The Company’s prudent approach to the Government Securities market is reinforced by the First Capital Group’s 360-degree insights provided through its Research arm one of the few research units looking at Fixed Income, as well as other subsidiaries operating in Wealth Management, Stock Brokering and Corporate Finance Advisory.
    For more details and to download the prospectus please visit: or

CEO of First Capital – the 1st guest for 2020 on Business Today (Channel Eye)


Dilshan Wirasekara – Director/ Chief Executive Officer of First Capital, appearing as the first guest on Business Today on Channel Eye business programme sharing his insights on financial disintermediation , policy consistency, economic growth and investment strategies for 2020.